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The Trust is a dynamic and aspirational organisation at the forefront of environmental thinking and practical conservation in the UK today

Westcountry Rivers Trust has a number of big projects that may need the services of external contractors. Our aim is to recruit locally and employ companies that have a strong ecological ethos.

Current opportunities...

Contract Opportunity for the construction of a Fish Passage Easement – Camel Catchment, Cornwall

Through the Water for Growth Project the Westcountry Rivers Trust will seek to improve stocks of migratory fish such as salmon and seatrout in the rivers Camel and Fowey.

Funded by the European Union Structural Development Fund and in partnership with the Environment Agency, Natural England and South West Water, we will look to improve upstream and downstream fish passage, improve in river and bankside habitat and improve spawning habitats with the aim to increase numbers of juvenile salmon and seatrout.

The project is about improving Cornwall’s ‘natural capital’ (the rivers and their associated plants and animals) and in return encourage and facilitate a responsible and sustainable exploitation of this natural capital in the form of angling.

We are seeking a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to undertake the proposed fish passage easement at Allensford Weir, located in Cornwall on the Stannon Stream which is part of the River Camel catchment. The works comprise the partial lowering of the existing stone block weir, provision of low flow notch and the repurposing of the existing poorly functioning fish pass to form an eel pass.

WRT are under an obligation to ensure compliance with EU principles of transparency, equality and non-discrimination, as such WRT is conducting a formal open tender process in which all bidders will be treated equally, with no discrimination and through a transparent process.

Please read the attached tender documents in full before requesting further information or documents. WRT’s procurement policy adheres to the EU Treaty Principles and the National Rules. It also incorporates a number of principles that we believe demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling our charitable objectives and ensuring the fairness and integrity of our procurement practices that demonstrate ‘best value for money’, environmental considerations and minimise the risk to WRT in terms of liability. WRT will make use of an NEC3 Engineering and Construction Short Contract to facilitate the work.

Application deadline is 5pm 25th July 2018.  Tender can be viewed on Contracts finder here.

UPDATE 17.07.2018 Tender Clarifications

Set out below are the Tender Documents:

Project Information 

Invitation to Tender

Standard Selection Questionnaire

NEC3 Contract Template

Construction Drawing 01- Allensford Location Plan

Construction Drawing 02 – Allensford Detailed Location Plan

Construction Drawing 03 – Allensford Site Block Plan

Construction Drawing 04 – Allensford Weir Layout Plan

Construction Drawing 05 – Allensford Weir Section A-A

Construction Drawing 06 – Allensford Front Elevation of Weir – Existing and Proposed

Construction Drawing 07 – Allensford Existing site Layout (Survey)

Construction Drawing 08 – Allensford Eel Pass Details

Construction Drawing 09 – Allensford Original Fish Pass Drawing

Designer’s Risk Assessment

WRT Biosecurity Procedure