Who are we..? About Westcountry Rivers Trust

We have been helping to restore and protect the water environment in the Westcountry for over 20 years
Meet the WRT Team

Origins & Approach

We are an environmental charity (Charity no. 1135007, Company no. 06545646) established in 1994 to help restore and protect the water environment in the Westcountry for the benefit of people, wildlife and the local economy. We also aim to advance the understanding of community groups and the public about water and the importance of a healthy, functioning environment.

In this film, Dr Dylan Bright (Trust Director 2007-2013) explains the origins of the Trust and the approach we take to protecting and restoring rivers and streams in the South West.

Find out more about our work below:

Fisheries Management

Our formula for fisheries management forms an action-orientated approach based upon answering the essential questions to direct our works on rivers

Land Management

We deliver land management advice and on-farm measures to minimise pollutant loss from farms while also maximising efficiency and enhancing ecological health

Strategic Data & Evidence

We create, manage, analyse and present robust spatial evidence of the highest quality to ensure that actions are targeted, integrated and cost efficient

Eduation & Training

We offer education to people at all stages and from any background. Education is the key to changing behaviour and can best be achieved through interaction with nature

Our Achievements

Over the 20 year history of the Westcountry Rivers Trust, we have worked tirelessly to improve the rivers and natural environments of the Westcountry, but what have we achieved to far….?

Funds Raised (£m)

RIver banks fenced (km)

Partners Engaged

Catchments Improved