Catchment Based Approach website

Sharing Best Practice within the CaBA Community


The Catchment-Based Approach (CaBA) Support Team is comprised of representatives of some of the environmental Non-Government Organisations who have been most active in river catchment management over recent years, and who have developed a package of support to sit alongside the local Catchment Partnership Fund grants.

The CaBA Support team organise conferences, workshops and run the website, forum and produce newsletters to keep the CaBA partnerships informed about best-practice, case-studies and training which is available to support their work under the catchment-based approach.

The CaBA National website is designed to fulfil three main objectives;

  • to act as a showcase of best practice and case studies in catchment partnership working;
  • to provide catchment partnerships with somewhere to communicate the work they have done,
  • and to provide an online community forum where members of the CaBA Community from across the country can meet and exchange expertise, experiences and lessons learnt.

By sharing best practice we aim to avoid duplication of effort and to ensure that CaBA Hosts can benefit from all of the lessons that have been learnt over the years by those engaged in catchment management. Ultimately, this website is designed to empower CaBA partnerships by showing them the huge and varied ways that participatory catchment planning and catchment management delivery can be done.

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