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The Trust is a dynamic and aspirational organisation at the forefront of environmental thinking and practical conservation in the UK today

Westcountry Rivers Trust has a number of big projects that may need the services of external contractors.

Our aim is to recruit locally and employ companies that have a strong ecological ethos.

Current opportunities...

ITT Bridgetown Weir Fish Passage Improvement: Construction - Invite to Tender - closing date 5pm 25 March

UPDATE 15.03.022:

Additional documents added.  Please read these documents carefully when preparing your response:

– Tender Clarifications 15.03.2022.

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– Tender Clarifications 10.03.2022.

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Additional documents added.  Please read these documents carefully when preparing your response:

– Documents 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

– Tender Clarifications 04.03.2022.

UPDATE 14.02.022:

Deadline extended by 1 week to 18th March 2022.

Additional documents added.  Please read these documents carefully when preparing your response:

– Planning Permission & referred to documents

– Environmental Permit (document 14a not uploading – will look to address asap)

– Tender Clarifications 14.02.2022.


Through the Strategic Exe Weirs programme Westcountry Rivers Trust aims to deliver bespoke fish passage solutions at all River Exe barriers to maximise migration flow windows and restore natural movements of native migratory fish.

Working in partnership with the River Exe and Tributaries Association, and supported by the Environment Agency and South West Water, the Strategic Exe Weirs team has ambitious plans to develop and deliver bespoke projects for multiple man-made barriers throughout the catchment, as part of efforts to secure a sustainable future for native migratory fish populations and associated fisheries.

Bridgetown Weir acts as a gateway to highly important recruitment habitat in central Exmoor National Park, particularly for Atlantic salmon and sea/brown trout. It is the aim of this current project to ensure every migratory salmonid that reaches Bridgetown Weir has the opportunity to continue upstream migration and maximise utility of the pristine recruitment habitat in the upper River Exe.  The current project also aims to ensure downstream migrating fish have maximum opportunity to continue down the main river, while considering local constraints.

We are seeking a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to undertake the following elements:

  1. Installation of a Larinier Fishway within an existing pool-traverse fish pass channel.
  2. Excavation and reinforcement with stone of the downstream pool and adjacent riverbank to accommodate the Larinier Fishway.
  3. Install stone to effectively extend the weir toe in line with the Larinier Fishway to maximise attraction efficiency.
  4. Level the weir crest to reduce competing attraction flows.
  5. Installation of seasonal fish screen infrastructure across the leat entrance.
  6. Installation of a maintenance walkway for the fish screen.
  7. Installation of a fish chute adjacent to the fish screen, underfilled with stone.
  8. Excavation and reinforcement with stone of a small pool to accommodate the fish chute outlet.

WRT are under obligation to ensure compliance with principles of transparency, equality and non-discrimination. As such WRT is conducting a formal open tender process in which all bidders will be treated equally, with no discrimination and through a transparent process.

We look forward to receiving your tender bid.

1. ITT_Bridgetown_Construction

2. Bridgetown_Photographic Record

3. Bridgetown_Detailed Design Drawings

3a. Bridgetown_Detailed Design Drawings_Part 1 of 5

3b. Bridgetown_Detailed Design Drawings_Part 2 of 5

3c. Bridgetown_Detailed Design Drawings_Part 3 of 5

3d. Bridgetown_Detailed Design Drawings_Part 4 of 5

3e. Bridgetown_Detailed Design Drawings_Part 5 of 5

4. Bridgetown_Designer Risk Assessment

5. Bridgetown_Design Philosophy and Buildability Statement

6. NEC3_Bridgetown_Construction_20210527

7. WRT BioSecurity Procedure 2018

8a. Bridgetown_Topographic Survey Plan 1

8b. Bridgetown_Topographic Survey Plan 2

9. PEA Summary_Bridgetown Weir

10. Bridgetown_Heritage Statement

11. 26579Approved Conditions_899

12. Summary and Supporting Information_Bridgetown Weir

13. PEA_Bridgetown Weir

14a. EPRLB3258LP Bespoke Permit

14b. EPRLB3258LP Permit Letter

15. Environmental Risk Assessment

16. Management Systems

17. WFD Assessment

18. Generic Method Statement

19. Bridgetown Weir Hydrological Calculations

ITT_Bridgetown_Construction_TENDER CLARIFICATIONS_20220214

ITT_Bridgetown_Construction_TENDER CLARIFICATIONS_20220304

ITT_Bridgetown_Construction_TENDER CLARIFICATIONS_20220310

ITT_Bridgetown_Construction_TENDER CLARIFICATIONS_20220315