Our Priorities & Objectives

Our Impact

Our Priorities

  • It is a priority for us to help educate and support people to value water.
  • It is a priority to continue to build our relationships with environmental, business, and social sectors and collaborate where there is potential to improve our shared water resources.
  • It is a priority to nurture our support of volunteers, while developing our fundraising opportunities and accessible public projects.
  • It is a priority to work with rural and urban businesses that rely on water throughout their supply change to inform best water-use practice.
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Our Objectives are

  • to conserve, protect, rehabilitate and improve the rivers, streams, watercourses and water impoundments of the catchments comprising the rivers within the Westcountry, including adjacent estuarine and coastal areas.
  • to advance the education of the public, or any association, company, local authority, administrative or governmental agency or public body or representative body in:
    • the understanding of rivers, river corridors and catchments, including their fauna, flora and economic or social activity, and river catchment management
    • the need for, and benefits of, conservation, protection, rehabilitation and improvement of aquatic environments.

Alongside our priorities and objectives, our beliefs as an organisation lend themselves to integrating multiple interests, which have devloped from our early adoption of the 12 principles of the Ecosystem Approach.

Visit cbd.int/ecosystem/principles for more information.

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As a Registered Charity in England (1135007), all of our work must, by law, contribute to the delivery of our charitable objectives.