Woodland Planting Offer – apply by 28 Feb 2021

We have native broadleaved woodland whips available now for planting this season. We seek interested landowners in our focus areas of the river Lyd and wider Tamar catchments who wish to include woodland areas or buffers as part of their approach to water quality protection.

Please contact Anthony Ellis at [email protected] or 07539 117424 by 28 Feb latest.

We seek to encourage appropriate woodland planting: ‘Right Tree, Right Place’ which complements the landscape, location, and scale.

This can be field boundaries and corners, river corridors, steep ground – not necessarily large blocks. The overall objective is to incorporate woodland back into the landscape to help buffer and intercept any run-off to watercourses and increase infiltration while boosting habitat provision and Carbon sequestration.

We can provide woodland whips, stakes, and tree guards free of charge under a simple contract agreement.

This work has been made possible as part of the CPES (Channel Payments for Ecosystem Services) project in collaboration with the Tamar Water Stewardship Business Board.