The Rivers Lim & Axe

Discover these beautiful rivers as they flow across the land to Lyme Bay

The Rivers Lim & Axe, Devon, Somerset & Dorset

Springing into life near Beaminster in Dorset, the River Axe skirts across the Somerset border before meandering through the beautiful Devonshire countryside to the sea. Nearby, the River Lim makes its way to the coast at Lyme Regis.

The River Axe is home to an array of stunning scenery and rich wildlife, travelling through the Blackdown Hills and East Devon Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well as a number of SSSIs. Likewise the River Lim offers – from source to sea – fantastic waterscapes to be enjoyed and explored by everyone who makes their way to this corner of the Westcountry.

The name “Axe” is thought to stem from the Latin take on the Brittonic word ‘isca.’ This translates either as ‘water’ or ‘abounding in fish’.

For a fantastic river walk, follow the River Yarty down to the Axe Valley and finish up with a bite to eat at Axminster’s River Cottage.

Get involved on the Rivers Lim & Axe

If you love your local river, understand how vital it is to you in your life and share our passion for keeping it healthy for you and your community, then there are many ways for you to get involved. Whether it’s helping on a river clean-up day, becoming a river scientist, going on a river walk or simply making a donation, working together we can help your river bring water to life for many years and generations to come. You can share your stories of these rivers with us too – we’d love to hear them.

It’s easy to explore the river…

No walk by the river is ever the same. Through the seasons and the years, the Rivers Lim & Axe and the surrounding landscape are constantly changing, ever throwing up new surprises for the riverside walker.

That’s why we love walks by the river and the Lim & Axe offer miles after miles of breathtaking walking territory.

From the mouth of the Lim at Lyme Regis, you can venture up through the town and discover the its historic centre, following in the footsteps of famous fossil hunter Mary Anning.

By taking the East Devon Way, you can follow the River Coly beyond Colyton through rich Devonshire farmland. Or maybe head to the Blackdown Hills to admire the far reaching views of the surrounding landscape from the headwaters of the Axe and Yarty.

So if you’re looking for somewhere new to stretch your legs, make your way to the banks of the Rivers Lim & Axe.


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From Roman times to the present day, Westcountry rivers have been an ever-present thread running through our communities, our culture and our heritage. Ever increasingly, we have come to realise how wonderful it is to spend time on, in or near a river and they are so often the backdrop to our fondest memories of days spent outdoors, being active and spending time with nature.