We are urging businesses in the Tamar catchment to help prevent single-use plastic (SUP) entering the River Tamar.

As part of our work in the €14m Preventing Plastic Pollution (PPP) project, involving key partners in England and France to avert plastic hotspots in the Channel, we are offering small and medium-size companies the opportunity to take advantage of confidential free waste and resource audits to streamline business waste systems.

Project manager Andy Rogers said: “Valued at £500, the audit will help businesses identify ways to reduce their plastic and other waste, minimising costs and the business’s bearing on the environment and the River Tamar.”

In 2020, the WRT PPP team collected more than 1,200 food-related SUP items in just seven local litter picks, while in 2021 in just one day at four highway locations they cleared 26 kg of SUP, all of which could have ended up in the River Tamar and then out to sea.

Globally, about 80% of plastic pollution comes from land sources and approximately four million tonnes of plastic waste enter the sea via rivers every year.

Andy added: “Little is known about the extent of this pollution and the understanding of its origin but by booking a confidential free audit, businesses may also provide valuable insight for our PPP research.
“For any large firm or those not based in the Tamar catchment, do please also get in touch as we may still be able to help.”

The PPP project aims to develop a scalable and transferable mapping tool to provide quantifiable evidence of sources and quantities of plastic pollution in catchments; create effective and innovative interventions to reduce plastic waste in or entering catchments; and nurture relevant positive behaviour change with local communities and business.

To discuss your confidential free waste audit, please email Andy at [email protected] or call 01579 372140.

Visit https://wrt.org.uk/project/preventing-plastic-pollution-ppp/ for more information.

Pictured: The Holsworthy litter pick team at a recent Preventing Plastic Pollution community river clean.