A milestone has been reached this year in the Roadford mitigation programme as 275 individual river enhancements have been made.

These include gravel cleaning, tree works, debris dams and fisheries surveys and represent a great achievement in the delivery of on the ground habitat improvements that have a direct benefit to salmonid populations within the Tamar catchment.

These mitigation programme works have taken place on the rivers Ottery, Lyd, Inny, Kensey, Wolf, Deer and Carey. See more below.

The 2020/21 mitigation is now almost complete and includes the following delivery actions:

50 gravel cleaning sites (Deer, Carey, Kensey, Ottery)
25/30 riparian tree sites delivered – with all 30 identified and planned. (Ottery, Lyd, Inny, Carey, Kensey)
10 debris dam barriers to migration removed and eased (Carey, Deer, Ottery, Penpont)
9 semi-quantitative electrofishing sites and Tamar report.

The project, funded by South West Water, and delivered by Westcountry Rivers Trust in collaboration with the Environment Agency and the Tamar & Tributaries River Association, started in 2018.