You might remember that earlier this year, our River Ops team installed a Fixed-Point Photography post (FPPP) in Wadlands Meadow in Tamerton Foliot as part of the Plymouth River Keepers project.

Shortly afterwards, the post was mysteriously removed.

Believing that the post had been stolen, we reported it to the police. Fortunately, several days later the post was found abandoned in the undergrowth near the old playground.

PRK project officer Jenny said: “We are glad to have found the post; it is one of three Plymouth River Keepers FPPPs. It will help the community play an important role in monitoring and recording habitat restoration works that will take place along the Tamerton stream later this year.”

Luckily, the post has been recovered by our team and it will hopefully be reinstated soon, with a more solid and harder to remove base.

Anyone can use it to take photos of the area and record how the river’s health improves over time. This in turn will help create a legacy from the Plymouth River Keepers project, and an on-going opportunity for the community to record the health of the stream.