This winter and spring, we have been delivering Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIP) funded by the Environment Agency on the lower River Carey and Deer tributaries of the Tamar.

These enhancement works have included shade management, which helps to increase primary productivity, including aquatic plants and invertebrates, providing extra resource for fish species.

Alongside this, techniques such a pleaching (laying stems and branches alongside the bank) are used, which help to provide additional habitat and stabilise the riverbank and capture silt.

Fishing and casting space is also improved through the trimming of select branches, which allows for better access and casting.

Key outputs from the Fisheries Improvement Projects

  • Approx. 2km improved on the lower Carey with 12 habitat sites delivered
  • Approx. 1.5km improved on the lower Deer with 10 habitat sites delivered

Subject to funding approval and the settlement from DEFRA, it is planned for these projects to continue in this financial year.