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We hope you are all keeping safe and well in this difficult time.

Please visit wrt.org.uk/working-practices-during-covid-19-at-wrt/ for updates in the coming weeks.


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Find your local Westcountry River and find out all the latest news, upcoming events, activities, wildlife diaries, local produce and other ways you can enjoy it – join the growing community of river lovers who are looking after your local river.

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Find out how you can get involved with your local river – whether it’s becoming a river scientist, doing a river walk or volunteering for a river clean-up…there are loads of ways for you to help us do our work.

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To secure the future health of our natural heritage and all of the benefits it will provide, we all need to learn about the vital role rivers play in all of our lives and the best way to keep them healthy for people and wildlife.

Latest news from the riverbank

Preventing Plastic Pollution

Organisations across the South West are joining forces as part of an international project to remove and prevent plastic pollution in the English Channel - and we are one of them. Preventing Plastic Pollution (PPP) will develop a model to gather data on the amount and...

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It’s time to act!

Pledge for Nature is a new campaign that aims to support and encourage communities in northern Devon to help nature to flourish again - and as partners in the project, we are keen to see as many people as possible get involved.Individuals, schools, landowners, and...

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Farming for nature project proves popular

NATURE will receive a helping hand in the River Lyd catchment in Devon after an online auction attracted up £125,000 of proposals from farmers.We initiated a four-week opportunity for farmers to bid for funds in a collaborative project with the Environment Agency (EA)...

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Learn about the work of Westcountry Rivers Trust

We are a charity working to restore and protect the rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal areas for the benefit of people, wildlife and the local economy. By working with local communities, businesses and other environmental organisations we work to bring our lost and forgotten rivers back to life so that they can once again play their vital role in all of our lives.

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Westcountry Rivers Bring Water to Life

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