Photography and filming is a passion for some of the Westcountry Rivers Trust team, with many keen wildlife photographers and our Communications & Marketing Manager holding a Masters in Photography.

It should be no surprise then that we jumped at the chance to support photographer Will Templeton in his bid to raise awareness of river health across England.

With the assistance of the river movement-wide body The Rivers Trust, Will is seeking out river locations to visually illustrate how our rivers really are the veins of the earth and how they need our help and respect.

He said: “Through the Ways and Means project, my aim is to use visual story telling to show the sad state of play we find ourselves in and inspire others to get involved in changing things for the better.

“The stories of the people I meet, no matter how trivial or grand they may seem, will help to paint a picture as varied and unique as our river system.”

Will met our Fisheries & River Operations team members Sam, James and George on the River Inny, which is a tributary of the River Tamar, while they conducted electro fishing surveys.

See a few of the images in the gallery below from the portrait shoot.

We’re very excited to be taking part and will keep you updated when Will’s project is finished and all work is available to view.

All images © William Templeton