Living With Environmental Change

Catchment partnerships –better planning for our rivers and landscapes  

In 2014, Laurence Couldrick, our CEO, was asked to co-author a note on catchment partnerships for Living With Environmental Change (LWEC). The LWEC is a public sector partnership that aims to ensure that decision makers in government, business and society have the knowledge, foresight and tools to mitigate, adapt to and benefit from environmental change. The LWEC series of policy and practice notes are designed to draw out conclusions and recommendations. They present key findings in non-technical language for public, private and third sector audiences Catchment partnerships –better planning for our rivers and landscapes We place increasing demands on our landscapes. Historically we have managed these spaces by prioritizing a single sector in a given location, for example farming, or recreation, or biodiversity, but this has failed to address the ways in which land, water and nature are interlinked. Catchment partnerships, rivers trusts and other environmental organisations are playing an increasingly important role by developing stakeholder engagement and partnership working, in order to understand the range of demands from society and where there are trade-offs or complementarity. This understanding leads to recognition of the need for effective holistic planning and collaborative management, and these approaches must be informed by the latest research and methods. To read the full article click on the image.