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Reduce Water Usage

It may seem as though there’s plenty of water around in the Westcountry… but making sure we have enough clean drinking water flowing from our taps is another matter and meeting the water demand is only going to get tougher as the effects of climate change become more apparent. In order to ensure we have clean water for drinking, washing, business and agriculture, this water must undergo intensive treatment, which is both energy and resource intensive. So we need to play our part in limiting our water consumption.

Spend less time in the shower – With a third of our water consumption used for washing, finding ways to speed up your shower can have make a big dent in reducing your usage, saving you money and giving you that little extra time in bed. Four minutes is the challenge…

Fill your washing machine and dishwasher – Making sure you have full loads in your clothes- and dish- washing will reduce the number of times you have to switch on your machine, saving money, energy and, of course, water.


Get a water saving device for your cisterns –  They’re free! All you have to do is make your way to your local water company’s website and ask them to put one in the post… Since flushing accounts for 30% of our household water use, this can save a lot of this precious resource from being flushed straight down the toilet. If South West Water is your water company, click here to order a water saving device.

Don’t leave taps running – Using 6 litres per minute, there’s no excuse for leaving the tap running. Instead, use a plug or fill a glass when you’re using the sink.

Do you have a leaky loo? – There’s an easy way to check… leave a little food colouring in your cistern overnight and see if any colour has spilled out into the toilet in the morning. If so, a quick visit from the plumber or a spot of DIY will sort you out.

Don’t use a hose! – Collect rainwater in a water butt and use a watering can to water your plants. When you’re washing your car, you can save water by using a bucket instead of a hose.

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