Get Involved at Home

Water-related activities to take part close to home.

As we continue to adjust to Covid-19 guidance, we still want to do our bit to keep you connected to nature.

Get on ‘board’

Download our Rivers board game and see how well you do.

Just roll a dice to learn about your river environments as you try to climb the ladders and avoid the lightning. 

You’ll find out things such as when in Cornwall, you are never further than 2km from a river. 

Simply print out and play, or just view online to still get around the board. Have fun.

The Rivers Board Game



Get close-up

Share your photos / videos of your local water environments from ponds to rivers, their habitats and wildlife with us.

Get up close to a patch of your garden, your farm, your balcony or even through your window, and discover the life water supports there. Perhaps you can see wonderful structures in your house plants.

Tag your photos or videos with #WaterSupporter and we’ll do our best to see them all and share them so others can see them too.


Get quizzing

Get ready to join us as a CSI River Reveler with our CSI quiz.

When you support our work as a Westcountry CSI River Reveler, you will be helping us look after our region’s rivers, their habitats and wildlife, and our water resource.

You can monitor your river for a variety of reasons such as problem plants to pollution.

Take our quiz – CSI QUIZ – to test your knowledge and get in touch with [email protected] to take part when you can.



Get auditing

Did you know that a quick shower (fitted with an efficient showerhead) uses around 80 litres less water than a bath?

Have you thought about your water usage lately?

Perhaps you could create a family audit to discover all the ways water is used in your house – and see where you can make improvement.

Visit or for some great tips and ideas on how you can reduce your water use.

You can read more about our water resilience work at too.


Get inspired

Take the time to read those books you’ve not got around to reading yet.

If you want to share your thoughts on environmental literature, we’d love to share your recommendations.

Email [email protected] to share a review or simply let us know your favourite water-related literature.



Get curious

We have a vast archive of stories and information on our website.

Head over to our River Academy for educational articles and fun videos for those just dipping their toes in the freshwater world to detailed resources for teachers.

Or watch our River Talks wildlife vlogs with our resident riverside vlogger, Emily.

Check out our Your River section for info and stories.