VOTE FOR US…to be the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce’s 2024 Charity of the Year.

Next year marks 30 years of bringing rivers to life for the Westcountry Rivers Trust, and what a bonus being supported and promoted by the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce all year would be.

Farm Net Zero ‘Forest Garden and Agroforestry Workshop’ held at Loveland Community Farm

We’re so proud of all that we’ve achieved since 1994, with some of Cornwall’s recent highlights including:

  • The culmination of the Water for Growth project, which successfully remedied 17 in-river structures which had previously been limiting fish access to upstream spawning grounds
  • Raising over £5,000 in match funding to improve and create wildlife havens along the River Fal
  • Sharing climate-friendly gardening tips with Cornish communities, through a series of six Farm Net Zero workshops this year

Our CSI scheme has also been very effective in Cornwall, with our citizen scientists testing water quality samples from the Helford River all the way up to the Tamar. Watch our short film Bringing Rivers to You through Westcountry CSI to learn more about the project.

Our freshwater habitats need us now more than ever, with stats showing that only 14% of English rivers meet good ecological status.

Stats from the 2022 Westcountry Rivers Trust Impact Report

By voting for us, you’ll help us spread the Westcountry Rivers Trust word far and wide across Cornwall as the Chamber will proudly promote our Trust and everything we do for freshwater habitats.

With your support, we will continue to protect and restore rivers, for people and wildlife, in Cornwall and beyond.

Help us get the word out there by voting here.

Voting closes on November 20.