To celebrate International Women in Science Day on 11 Feb 2020, our Fisheries Scientist Dr. Polly Couldrick spoke with the Science Council about her passion for eels and science.

As a child, Polly loved all things ‘sciencey’ and wearing goggles, a lab coat and tinkering with a chemistry set were often how she spent her time.

The fascination with science didn’t fade as she grew up and Polly went on to study marine biology at university.

Following her PhD she began working with the trust, specialising in eel conservation.

But, after a career break, it is research funding support via the Daphne Jackson Trust that has enabled her to return to the lab at Exeter University to research how we can sex an eel without having to cut it open. And considering this species needs conservation support, that’s pretty important.

Her advice to other women looking to work in a science-related field is to keep persevering and think about how you can add to your skill set such as volunteering or short internships.

Find out what else she has to say by listening to the podcast.