Lord Goldsmith recently announced a forthcoming Soil Health Action Plan (SHAPE) for England to restore the health of the country’s soils.

Speaking during a debate in the Report Stage of the Environment Bill, Lord Goldsmith confirmed this plan will play a crucial part in stopping the decline of species by 2030, and meeting long-term legally binding targets on biodiversity.

In response to the announcement, our CEO Dr Laurence Couldrick said: “Soils are fundamental to the functioning of society but they go completely unnoticed.

“But if you compact, degrade or destroy soils the result is flooding, drought and pollution, not to mention usually more expensive food production.

“Soils not only provide the medium to grow our food but they also manage how water moves through our landscape.

“Healthy soils can hold onto water and nutrients so they are available for the crop, but they can also store carbon and provide clean and plentiful water for the river all year round.

“It’s for this reason we welcome the Government’s launch of the Soil Health Action Plan for England.’

For more details, visit deframedia.blog.gov.uk/2021/09/09/soil-health-action-plan-to-be-launched/