Westcountry Rivers

Helping to restore and protect the water environment in the Westcountry for the benefit of people, wildlife and the local economy.

Rivers Bring Water to Life

Our Mission

We are a charity working to restore and protect the rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal areas for the benefit of people, wildlife and the local economy.

These places inspire and sustain us, they make us happier and healthier. They are steeped in history and they hold the key to all of our futures, but they are too often overlooked and so we need to celebrate them, promote them and protect them. Rivers bring water to life.

By working with local communities, businesses and other environmental organisations we work to bring our lost and forgotten rivers back to life so that they can once again play their vital role in all of our lives.

Fisheries Management

Our formula for fisheries management forms an action-orientated approach based upon answering the essential questions to direct our works on rivers

Land Management

We deliver land management advice and on-farm measures to minimise pollutant loss from farms while maximising efficiency & enhancing ecological health

Information & Evidence

We create, manage, analyse and present robust spatial evidence of the highest quality to ensure that actions are targeted, integrated and cost efficient

Education & Training

We offer education to people at all stages and from any background: it is the key to changing behaviour and can best be achieved through interaction with nature

We help Westcountry rivers bring water to life

We are not always aware of it, but the natural world we live in sustains us all as we live our lives. Spending time in the natural world; breathing fresh air, watching light reflected on water or experiencing the joy that comes from spending a moment among wildlife, makes us happier, healthier and perhaps more prosperous as well.

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Latest News

Brent Island Family Fun Day

On Saturday the 17th of September Westcountry Rivers Trust attended the Brent Island Trust’s family fun day. This event was on the back of their 25th anniversary event, again which was a huge success. We took along the education stand and got families Into the...

Riverfly training on the Tale

In September 2016 the Westcountry Rivers Trust ran a training workshop on the River Tale at Escot Park based on the “Riverfly” concept. This was on behalf of the River Otter Association’s anglers that have an aspiration to make a difference. This is citizen science...

The Rivers Trust Autumn Conference 2016

On the 12-13th September over 170 people representing 44 different organisations attended the 2016 River Trust Autumn Conference in Exeter, which was hosted by the Westcountry Rivers Trust. The Conference which was entitled, ‘The Partnership approach &...