Our Homing in on Rivers fundraiser ran from
12pm on 22 April to 12pm on 29 April 2022

And we did it!

Thanks to you and our match funder, we raised more than £5,000 to support new habitat improvements for wildlife.

Homes represent many different things. For humans they can be places of safety, places to return to, places of food, places of community and much more.

For the myriad species our Westcountry rivers support, it’s not so dissimilar. These creatures all play their part in the ecosystem of the rivers we love. And our Westcountry rivers are their home.

With our Homing in on Rivers campaign, we want to raise £5,000 to help us continue our work to protect our Westcountry rivers.

We have secured £2,500 of this target via our match fund Champion, The Aim Foundation. If you can help us to reach £2,500 from public donations, we will receive our Homing in on Rivers full match-funded goal.

Whose home can you spot along our Westcountry rivers?

Click on the icons below to find out more about some of the species that call our rivers home.

Do you love safely spotting wildlife along riverbanks? We’d love to see what you see – we can even add them to our guide above – simply send us photos or videos of the species that you have seen near you.

Please email (or use WeTransfer) to send photographs or short film clips to [email protected]

We work with a wide variety of people to protect Westcountry river habitats.

From working with farmers to improve soil health, which in turn improves water quality, to planting the right trees in the right place to minimise run-off to engaging volunteers as our citizen scientists to monitor the streams near their doorsteps to improve water quality and more – it is all done to keep our rivers healthy, for all who rely on them.

Please donate to support our charity if you can so that we can keep bringing rivers to life.

A message from our CEO

Our aim at the Westcountry Rivers Trust is to help protect and restore our region’s rivers for the future.

The money we raise through fundraisers such as the Big Give’s Green Match Fund allows us to continue our work to protect these important habitats.

If you can help, please give to our Homing in on Rivers campaign as every pound donated is doubled and goes towards helping to restore our water environments.

Dr Laurence Couldrick

CEO at Westcountry Rivers Trust

If you can’t donate, you can still support our work through volunteering with our citizen science team – find out more at our Get Involved page.

However you can help is hugely appreciated.