Soils and Natural Flood Management




Very often natural flood management (NFM) options implemented within catchments, are carried out before the landscapes natural function has been assessed. The East Devon CaBA strongly believe that soils should always be the first option assessed and where applicable the range of other NFM options are used in conjunction with the landscapes capabilities. Given that 60% of the soils in Devon and Cornwall are naturally well drained, permeable and should rarely become saturated, they should be the natural starting point.

As joint lead on the East Devon CaBA with DWT, WRT worked closely with Richard Smith (author) to help deliver this manual by proofing the design and text, whilst maintaining the usability and required technical content. This manual is aimed to fill the gap in understanding around soils natural potential to accept rainfall, and how their management can reduce the risk of run-off. Aimed at organisations that work in partnership with the farming community, this manual encourages advisors (and others) to think soil hydrology first, implications of the soils management and also consider other natural measures to slow down and store runoff.

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