Open Rivers Programme

About Open Rivers

The Open Rivers Programme provides projects with grants to restore rivers across Europe.

Westcountry Rivers Trust is working with the programme to support the removal of in river barriers to restore river flow and biodiversity along the River Camel in Cornwall

The Two Sites:

Worthyvale Weirs

Situated in the upper reaches of the River Camel within both a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) is the Worthyvale site which is comprised of two weirs.

These were successfully removed in September 2023, opening up 1km of the river to migratory species such as Atlantic Salmon, Eel and Trout.

Dunmere Weir

Dunmere weir is situated further down the river from the Worthyvale site.

This site is in an initial research stage as of January 2024, with discussions with various key stakeholders ongoing.

It is yet to be decided which option will work best for this site. These options include full, partial or a natural bypass channel.

Work carried out at this site would open up over 6km of the river to migratory species.

Partners involved: