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This project from the farming community in Cornwall will show the contribution that agriculture can make to achieving Net Zero. 

Alongside the farming community, we are joining the Duchy College Rural Business School, Farm Carbon Toolkit, Innovative Farmers, Innovation for Agriculture and Just Farmers to deliver a part of the project.

The project is managed by Cornwall College and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund from January 2021 for five years.

The project is running a range of activities which will develop and deliver practical advice for farmers.

These will include how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, showcase innovation, provide robust science through soil testing and carbon footprinting, and inspire other farmers to tell their stories to their customers about the steps that they are taking to address climate change and protect soil health.

What we will do

We will led on the Farm Net Zero Citizen Science opportunities for non-farming audiences.
Through this, we want people to discover how they can implement climate friendly practices in their gardens, allotments, and more broadly in their everyday lives. 

Eight Citizen Science projects will take place and these will include practical workshops and events that raise awareness of the importance of soil in carbon cycles and how to measure and improve soil carbon in gardens, horticulture and allotments. Activities planned will support people to learn simple and practical techniques, while also providing insight into the work carried out on the project’s monitor farms.

The collection and comparison of soil carbon data will increase public awareness, inspiring further knowledge sharing as well as a stronger link between the farmers and the public. The project hopes this will bolster positive messages about the contribution that farming can make to increase resilience to climate change and how important this is in the South West.

Further information about the Citizen Science projects and associated events will be shared via our updates, social media, newsletters and the Farm Net Zero website.

Latest News from the Westcountry Rivers Trust project team - April 2022

In the past four months, soil sampling with our four monitor farms has been carried out and they are in the final process of completing their carbon calculator audits.

All the farmers are interested in seeing where their farms can improve but also what they are doing well in terms of carbon capture/ reducing emissions. 

This year our monitor farms are expecting to use between 30% -50% less fertiliser due to the astronomical price increases. 

This will reduce carbon emission across all farms significantly, but our monitor farms are still striving to reduce their carbon footprint further. To do so, they are attending information events and incorporating practices into their businesses such as better use of farmyard manure and slurry, increasing sward diversity, cover cropping, and companion cropping. 

Interest from farmers to continue to engage with us through the project is increasing. With the citizen science part of FNZ we are engaging with the broader community, especially gardeners and allotment holders.

We aim to inspire them to make changes in their horticultural habits towards net zero and encourage practices to improve soil health.  Several local groups are very engaged. 

There is also interest from outside the area that FNZ covers which is encouraging, showing that the wider public is interested in the FNZ project and how to reduce their carbon footprint.  Keep a look out for our upcoming small farm and citizen science events.

Hear from the demonstrator farms supporting the Farm Net Zero project in Cornwall.

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