Evidence & Engagement

We work with people to inspire them to care for their rivers.

Our approach

We work with a range of people, community groups, statutory bodies and technical specialists to deliver myriad projects bringing environmental benefits to society.

Everything we do is underpinned with our own, and external, scientific data and evidence, and we provide fully costed, and cost effective, catchment management strategies to achieve positive outcomes for our water environments.

Most importantly, we attain improvement by collaborating with local people and communities.

In addition, we have significant experience in using a number of water quality modelling tools, including the UK water industry’s Source Apportionment GIS (SAGIS) tool, the Extended Export Coefficient Model (ECM+), the SCIMAP sediment risk model and the ADAS Farmscoper Tool.

Are you interested in visualising data & evidence about the environment...?

Our data and evidence experts are able to produce maps and reports relating to any area in the Westcountry.
Whether you are interested in water quality, flooding, wildlife or recreation, we can provide data and evidence to help you decide what to do.