Congratulations to South West Water for winning an award for the Upstream Thinking project at the Finance for the Future Awards.

Upstream Thinking is an innovative project that aims to restore wetlands and promote environmentally sensitive farming in catchments across the South West, improving water quality at source and reducing the costs of cleaning that water, post-abstraction. The Westcountry Rivers Trust is a partner in the project and we have worked closely with South West Water over many years, developing the project and working with farmers to deliver on-farm measures aimed improving water quality.

Martin Ross, Environmental Manager at South West Water, said “thank you to the WRT team for enabling this significant award to be won, as the whole Upstream Thinking project developed from WRT’s ten-year pioneering work on farm improvements.”

The award acknowledges the positive environmental impact of Upstream Thinking and South West Water’s reputation as a leader and innovator in a highly regulated industry.

South West Water’s Finance and Regulatory Director, Susan Davy, said: “It is an honour to be recognised in this way and we are incredibly proud to be working with our partners to make a significant impact on the environment.

“Leadership from the finance function is vital. We needed to develop the financial case to ensure approval in the business planning process. This helped us deliver and implement our environmental programme within a robust and innovative framework.

“Sustainability remains at the heart of our operations and we are committed to demonstrating the value of working in this innovative way across the business.”