At the Westcountry Rivers Trust, we value the desire from businesses to support the resilience of rivers and water-related habitats through sustainable practices.

We work in myriad ways to assist companies in the region help to bring our rivers to life.

Whether through our Tamar Water Stewardship Business Board, our CPES Fund, our farming advice, or our professional services, our aim is to fulfil our mission to protect and restore the Westcountry’s waterways for the benefit of all.

Business can also support our work directly, just like Otter Vale Products has done.

See below for more details.

We love to work with firms that want to support our work directly. 

In 2019, our 25th anniversary year, Otter Vale Products kindly decided, in their own 40th anniversary year of making their delicious Onion & Pineapple Devon Chutney, to donate a percentage of all its sales from the year in support of our work.

If you would like to chat about the ways your business could support us, your community, your environment, and our rivers and tributaries across the region, please email [email protected] 


Our CPES Fund will (initially) support work in Devon rivers Lyd (including Roadford Lake) and Gara.

This pilot scheme is developing a system to allow ‘buyers’ to make an investment or donation and ‘sellers’ to seek to use this investment.

This transaction’ will support environmental improvements such as woodland management, soil husbandry and/or buffering.

Find out more on our CPES Fund page.

Our multi-disciplinary professional services (our commercial trading subsidiary) offers ecological, aquatic, and environmental services throughout the South West.

We employ dedicated specialist consultants for specialist projects such as ecological impact assessments.

All the profits generated by the company are covenanted to the trust to support the charity in its environmental work.

Email [email protected] to find out how we can assist your freshwater project. 

Working with business not only benefits our work, our communities and our environments, it is also beneficial for the business involved.

We want to engage with companies that support our vision and mission to bring water to life. Our business collaborations/projects will build trust and respect while nurturing a shared responsibility to accomplish effective results.

Working with Westcountry Rivers Trust can create positive PR opportunities, helping to enhance your company’s profile as you help your environment.