Education & Training

We offer education to people at all stages and from any background: it is the key to changing behaviour and can best be achieved through interaction with nature.

Our approach

The Westcountry Rivers Trust believes everyone should have ‘wet feet’ and to this end all our staff actively work with stakeholders and landowners, providing advice and information on many aspects of land and river management.

It is the wealth of knowledge and hands on experience of the Trust staff where our real strength lies.

One of the main remits of the trust is to advance the education of the public in water management and we believe that education should span across generations. As such, we have developed a wide variety of educational activities.

Our passion for environmental education is reflected in the fact that all staff are involved to varying degrees in education, whether it be running vocational courses, community talks, event workshops, advisor training or college modules.

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We believe that by providing education, not just for adults and mature students, but also for the younger members of the community, a responsibility for the environment is nurtured in the next generation of land care managers, advisors and policy makers.

Higher Education

In this 2 hour lecture given to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Universities of Reading and Plymouth , Dr Nick Paling, the Westcountry Rivers Trust’s Head of Data, Evidence & Communications illustrates how the pressures degrading water quality in a catchment can be assessed and their sources determined. Once done, this allows a carefully tailored and targeted plan of action to be formed to reduce these impacts.

Our latest education & training projects