Water Resources

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Water Resources

Water is life – all life on Earth needs water to survive. Seas and oceans contain 97% of the world’s water, and ice holds 2%. That leaves just 1 per cent of the world’s water as fresh water on land or in the air. This water is recycled again and again through the process of evaporation, condensation and water transfers such as surface run-off.

Rivers Bring Water to Life

Rivers are home to spectacular and precious wildlife and form a key part of our rich natural heritage…They are also great places for us to discover, interact with and enjoy the natural world around us.

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Drinking Water

Find out all about how your drinking water is produced as this video takes us behind the scenes of South West Water’s Pynes Water Treatment Works just a few miles north of Exeter.

Treating Waste Water

Learn how our waste water (sewage) is treated and then returned safely back to the environment in this Key Stage 2 South West Water video.

Upstream Thinking

In the Westcountry, the majority of our water supply is sourced from our rivers. Often South West Water must rely on expensive and resource intensive treatments processes to ensure that we have a clean supply of water available for our homes and businesses. But under the Upstream Thinking project, we aim to reduce the need for such intensive treatment – we aim to reduce the issues relating to water quality at their source.

Join our campaign to reduce water usage

It may seem as though there’s plenty of water around in the Westcountry… but making sure we have enough clean drinking water flowing from our taps is another matter. Find out how you can play your part in limiting water consumption.

Rivers Matter

We might not realise it, but our rivers, lakes and coasts inspire and sustain us all in our everyday lives.

They are steeped in our history, embody our natural heritage and will be a vital element of our future health and prosperity.

Our ‘Rivers bring water to life…’ brochure illustrates the importance of our watery places.