Dr Nick Paling

Head of GIS, Evidence & Communications

Nick is head of GIS, evidence & Communications at the Westcountry Rivers Trust and provides data, mapping & modelling support for all Trust projects.

Nick an advanced user of ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop software and a number of other GIS applications and is highly experienced in spatial data creation and management, spatial analysis, 3D analysis and the mapping of spatial data and geographic information.

Since joining the Trust in 2010, Nick has played key role in the delivery of spatial evidence, data and mapping for several important strategic projects, including the EU-funded WATER Project, the Strategic Evidence and Partnership Project funded by DEFRA and the Environment Agency’s WFD Ecological Benefits Project.

In addition to his spatial data and evidence work, Nick also coordinates and manages a series of large-scale monitoring programmes currently underway, including the Trusts National Environment Programme Catchment Investigations funded by South West Water.

Nick also specialises in publishing, multimedia and web development to facilitate communication and engagement on environmental issues. He has developed a number of web-based resources for both the Westcountry Rivers Trust and, previously, the Environment Agency. When working for the University of Reading he also created The Animal Diversity CD-ROM, a multimedia learning resource for zoology, and created the Centre for Wildlife Assessment & Conservation (CWAC) website.