The River Plym

Discover this spectacular hidden gem

The River Plym, Devon

Tumbling down from Dartmoor, this series of rocks, pools and waterfalls makes this river a photographer’s delight.


The name “Plym” comes from the old English word for “Plum Tree” .

The Thriving naval city of Plymouth takes it name from this river

Get involved on the River Plym

If you love your local river, understand how vital it is to you in your life and share our passion for keeping it healthy for you and your community, then there are many ways for you to get involved. Whether it’s helping on a river clean-up day, becoming a river scientist, going on a river walk or simply making a donation, working together we can help your river bring water to life for many years and generations to come.

The River Plym has something for everyone….

The River Plym is the perfect destination for walkers, photographers, families and adventurers alike. The multiple woodlands and trails are the perfect places to explore with the kids and pets,whilst people looking for more of a thrill can mountain bike all the way to Plymouth where they can then cool of with some sailing or kayaking!

The way the rivers carves its way through the stunning Dartmoor landscape provides inspiration for budding and experienced artists alike, and the numerous historic bridges and house along the river provide that extra touch of magic that just completes this unique river.

River Plym Stories

From Roman times to the present day, Westcountry rivers have been an ever-present thread running through our communities, our culture and our heritage. Ever increasingly, we have come to realise how wonderful it is to spend time on, in or near a river and they are so often the backdrop to our fondest memories of days spent outdoors, being active and spending time with nature.

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