We are pleased to see that our ‘Good Farm, Bad Farm illustration’ is being used in the Ballinderry Rivers Trust new River School.

We commissioned artist Mark Stacey to clearly illustrate how simple interventions can reduce the impact of agricultural activity on the river and the surrounding catchment. The success of ‘Good Farm Bad Farm’ has led to the development of two other illustrations: ‘The Catchment Vision’ which shows everybody using the catchment in a sustainable way, for the benefit of everyone and, more recently, ‘Good Town, Bad Town’. ‘

Good Town, Bad Town’ by Brian Hoskins includes all of the green infrastructure typologies and sustainable water management interventions that can be delivered to enhance natural capital value and ecosystem services benefits in urban landscapes. The graphic is also being used to demonstrate how interventions can be targeted effectively and to explain the costs and benefits of urban regeneration and (retro-fit or new-build) delivery of green infrastructure and SuDS.

These illustrations are freely available for use under the terms of a Creative Commons License, if you would like to use the illustrations please contact us at [email protected]