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Find out how you can get involved with your local river – whether it’s becoming a river scientist, doing a river walk or volunteering for a river clean-up…there are loads of ways for you to help us do our work.





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Get involved with your local river

If you love your local river, understand how vital it is to you in your life and share our passion for keeping it healthy for you and your community, then there are many ways for you to get involved. Whether it’s helping on a river clean-up day, becoming a river scientist, going on a river walk or simply making a donation, working together we can help your river bring water to life for many years and generations to come.

Go Fishing!

Our Westcountry Angling Passport Scheme offers fishing for wild brown trout, sea trout, salmon, grayling and coarse fish in unrivalled surroundings.  There are  is over 100km of riverbank to choose from, In addition to this, Westcountry Angling Passport tokens can be used at all of the South West Lakes Trust Fisheries and also on most of the other Passport Schemes around the UK.

Citizen Science

We need you to help us help our rivers. Here at the Westcountry Rivers Trust we are passionate about our rivers and we know that you share that passion. We need your help to monitor our rivers in order to see which areas need our attention.


When people come into contact with the natural world and have the opportunity to learn the science of how it works ’hands‐on’, they are more likely to recognise its importance to them and more easily inspired to take on heir vital role in for caring for it. We work with schools, colleges, universities and anyone else of any age to help them learn about the vital role the environment plays in all of our lives and the best way to make that vision a reality. Check out our River Academy for our free to use resources.

Partnerships for Action

To secure the future health of our natural heritage and all of the benefits it will provide; local communities will need to
work together in partnership to develop a shared vision for the future of their landscape. We are involved in seven of the Catchment Partnerships that have formed in the South West in recent years and would encourage anyone interested in rivers, water or their local environment to get involved with them.

Latest volunteer news

The River Buffs Project’s First Meeting

Winding its way through the landscape from Woodcock Hill to its confluence with the Tamar, the River Lyd makes its way into the lives of those who live along and enjoy this 15 mile stretch of beautiful Devonshire countryside. We are gathering together at Sydenham...

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Riverfly training on the Tale

In September 2016 the Westcountry Rivers Trust ran a training workshop on the River Tale at Escot Park based on the “Riverfly” concept. This was on behalf of the River Otter Association’s anglers that have an aspiration to make a difference. This is citizen science...

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Winner of Best Educational Trade Stand!

The Upstream Thinking team for the River Dart catchment attended Totnes Show on Sunday 31st July, and were delighted to be awarded the ‘Best Educational Trade Stand’ award. Upstream Thinking is funded by South West Water and is being delivered in five catchments...

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