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Education & Training

The Westcountry Rivers Trust believes everyone should have ‘wet feet’ and to this end all our staff actively work with stakeholders and landowners, providing advice and information on many aspects of land and river management. It is the wealth of knowledge and hands on experience of the Trust staff where our real strength lies.

One of the main remits of the Trust is to advance the education of the public in water management and here at the Westcountry Rivers Trust we believe that education should span across generations and as such we have developed a wide varitey of educational activities.

The educational work of the Trust is co-ordinated by Dr Laurence Couldrick who believes that by providing education, not just for adults and mature students, but also for the younger members of the community a responsibility for the environment is nurtured in the next generation of land care managers, advisors and policy makers.

Our passion for environmental education is reflected in the fact that all staff are involved to varying degrees in education, whether it be running vocational courses, community talks, advisor training or college modules.




Water Cycle Education Pack

Water flows across and through the land and collects into rivers and streams, which then transport water to the sea. The movement of water through the environment, in one form or another, and from one water store to another, is called the hydrological cycle.

The hydrological cycle can be considered on a global scale, but it is easier to look at within a catchment. A catchment is an area of land from which water flows towards a common low point, usually a river, and then from that river to the sea. A catchment is a ‘hydrological unit’.

You can find out all about the Water Cycle in our edcational information pack...CLICK HERE



Cornwall Rivers Schools Pack

The Cornwall Rivers Education Resource was developed as part of the Trust's Cornwall Rivers Project. The pack deals with four main issues relating to Cornish rivers: waste, water efficiency, land management and fisheries. At the end of each section there are exercises which draw together the information presented. There are also opportunities for pupils to send in their work to the Trust, thereby assisting in the development of ideas to enhance Cornwall's environment for people and wildlife in the long term. .

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Further and Higher Education

The Westcountry Rivers Trust delivers lectures, training and work experience placements to students engaged at all levels of further and higher education. Colleges and Universities that use Trust staff in their teaching programmes include: Duchy College, University of Reading, Plymouth University and University of Exeter.

Subjects include: GIS, species & habitat management, conservation genetics, aquatic resources management, river conservation management, aquatic ecology and environmental consultancy.

Please contact the Trust if you would like to find out more about this work.





WRT staff help deliver elements of the PINPOINT programme which is a joint project between the Rivers Trust and the England Catchment Sensitive Farming Delivery Initiative (ECSFDI) to provide training for Rivers Trusts staff, support and advice materials so that they can better advise farmers in England on how to reduce diffuse water pollution from agriculture. ECSFDI is a partnership project between Defra, Natural England and The Environment Agency.

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